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Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga

Vol. 1: Energize

See for yourself why Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga has become southern California’s latest fitness craze. Though the program has deep roots in Eastern philosophy, this series sticks to basic instruction and an emphasis on yoga’s benefits — better balance and poise, muscle elasticity, and a peaceful mental state that promotes true health over shallow vanity. Kest’s stunning physique is itself a testament to his program’s potential, and his first-rate instruction makes the rigorous poses and routines accessible and highly effective. Geared toward beginning yoga practitioners, “Volume 1 - Energize” is nevertheless quite strenuous, and is suitable for more advanced levels. It brings a Power Yoga class directly into your home, introducing techniques for proper breathing and concentration as well as the basic poses (such as Up Dog/ Down Dog) that are used in his later videos. ~Sarah Welsh, All Movie Guide

Vol. 2: Tone

In Volume Two of this powerhouse yoga series, fitness idol and aspiring spiritual guru Bryan Kest takes it up a notch with new twisting/ lunging poses and backbending stretches designed to build strength while toning key muscle groups. Although intended for an intermediate audience, the workout is easily adaptable to many different fitness levels, so that you are continually challenged as you advance. Like his other volumes, this tape combines warm cinematography and a diverse group of students with Kest’s dynamic personality, impressive physique, and trademark Jersey accent. Come see what all the fuss is about. ~Sarah Welsh, All Movie Guide

Vol. 3: Sweat

This is the most advanced workout in Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga trilogy — “Sweat” will challenge even the most flexible yoga student, taking you to new levels of strength, equilibrium, and slimness. Slightly modified from the wildly popular class that Kest teaches in Santa Monica, this compact 50-minute program combines traditional warm-ups, demanding poses, and rapid “sun salutes” with Kest’s soothing instruction and affirmation. Although Eastern philosophies are a key component of his workout style, Kest never hits you over the head with obscure references or vague directives, focusing instead on proper breathing technique, pushing physical limits, and always doing the best that you can. Filmed in warm sepia tones amidst a diverse and devoted group of students, this video manages to be as relaxing as it is strenuous. ~Sarah Welsh, All Movie Guide


DVD Release: 05/11/2004
AVI (XviD) | 400×288 | 698 mb | 02:41:41

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