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Bellydance for body shaping, ABS with NEON.

Three 15-min. workouts built entirely on ab-toning, ab-sculpting exotic belly dance moves. As a system of movement, belly dance is the ideal, natural method for abs toning and shaping. Learn and practice belly dance steps during the workout, then follow Neon as she demonstrates a real choreographed 2-min. dance! The dance can be accessed separately for review before leaving for a dance club or party. First fitness product to offer continuous 3-D geometric rendering of exercise movements throughout the program, plus a progress bar for counting reps. Throughout the program personal trainer Andy Troy CSCS offers exercise safety tips. Each 15-min. workout includes: 3-min. warmup, 9-min. exercise session, 2-min. dance sequence (2-3 reps of each move from the exercise session arranged into an attractive choreography), 1-min. cooldown. Belly dance movement is organic, deriving from the natural, instinctual motion of the human body: this is the source of its tremendous body-shaping potential. Belly dance will stimulate and exercise your abdominal muscles through isolation, elaborate coordination between muscle groups, and via your abs' natural function of stabilizing the spine and pelvis in the dynamic context of dance. Belly Dance for Body Shaping: ABS program is composed entirely of belly dance moves: Slow, fast, fluid, angular, challenging, entertaining, sexy! Every move on this DVD is just as useful on the dance floor as it is in the gym. Do it on your own or with friends!


* Continuous 3-D geometric rendering of exercise movements throughout the program;
* A progress bar shows the number of reps for each move, plus marks the rep you are currently performing.
* Introduction to the anatomy of belly dance movement by personal trainer Andy Troy CSCS
* Safety tips throughout the program by Andy Troy CSCS
* Along with verbal cueing, onscreen graphics of move trajectories serve as visual cues.

To make belly dance easy to learn and fun to practice as an improvisational world dance art, Neon has created her "Instant" or "3D" belly dance instruction system. The system presents dance moves as trajectories following geometric shapes. Throughout the workout onscreen graphics offer 3-D geometric rendering of each dance move in relation to ribcage and pelvis.

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