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Twenty-five countries, twenty-five visions from respected film directors from each of the respective countries that form the enlarged European Community. Each director would be asked to give a personal vision of current or future life in this coming cultural melting pot.The length of each film was set to five minutes.The initial idea came from commissioning editor Meinolf Zurhorst from ZDF- Germany/ARTE - France and the project was then conceived together with producer Mikael Olsen from the film production company Zentropa from Denmark.


Fatih Akin (segment "Die alten bösen Lieder")
Barbara Albert (segment "Mars")
Sharunas Bartas (segment "Children Lose Nothing")
Andy Bausch (segment "The Language School")
Christoffer Boe (segment "Europe Does Not Exist")
Francesca Comencini (segment "Anna Lives in Marghera")
Stijn Coninx (segment "Self Portrait")
Tony Gatlif (segment "Paris by Night")
Sasa Gedeon (segment "Unisono")
Christos Georgiou (segment "My Life on Tape")
Constantine Giannaris (segment "Room for All")
Theo van Gogh (segment "Euroquiz")
Peter Greenaway (segment "European Showerbath")
Miguel Hermoso (segment "Our Kids")
Ágnes Hranitzky (segment "Prologue") (co-director)
Arvo Iho (segment "Euroflot")
Aki Kaurismäki (segment "Bico")
Damjan Kozole (segment "Europa")
Laila Pakalnina (segment "It'll Be Fine")
Kenneth Scicluna (segment "The Isle")
Martin Sulík (segment "The Miracle")
Malgorzata Szumowska (segment "Crossroad")
Béla Tarr (segment "Prologue")
Jan Troell (segment "The Yellow Tag")
Teresa Villaverde (segment "Cold Wa(te)r")
Aisling Walsh (segment "Invisible State")

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