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Pialat's stunningly beautiful portrait of Van Gogh's last days -widely acclaimed as the best film about the artist ever made- stars Jacques Dutronc, whose powerful performance earned him a César Award for Best Actor. The film is set between May and July 1890 in the French village of Auvers, where Van Gogh went to consult the local physician Dr. Gachet and to convalesce from his year-long stay in an asylum. This was a period of great creative activity, when he painted a new canvas every day, including some of his greatest masterpieces. Vivid scenes in brothels and Bohemian cafés, swirling village dances and pastoral panoramas combine to make an unforgettable film, which confirmed Pialat as one of French cinema's greatest directors.

Awards: 2 wins & 12 nominations
imdb rating: 7.5


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