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The hot, dry, dusty wind clogging your face, the bitter brutal sun streaming down the faces and bodies of workers surrounding the digging, sifting, and moving of dirt, and the massive machines clanging in the back ground, create the visual focal point of the story. Life is what we're all a part of, whether good or bad, we must succeed in the most positive way we know how or it can take us over in grief and despair, as it has with one man. This man wants to rid himself of the world, but in a twist, he wants to make sure his body lays resting in a peaceful and good place. His journey has him searching for just that person who'll help him with his final plans.

Mr. Badii (Homayan Ershadi) is a man whose quest leads him to many revelations about people and life while in his search for someone to help properly assist him in his demise from the world. Mr. Badii is not looking for someone to kill him, but rather cover him with the earth from which all good things come. He has already found his burial spot and dug the hole in which he shall place himself. Now Mr. Badii only needs to find the person who will help him. The interesting thing is if Mr. Badii is not dead, he wishes for the same hand that will throw the dirt on top of him, to take his hand and help him out of the grave, if he responds to his name being called. For More.

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    i'd like to say that second part doesn't work ! i will be grateful if mr. admin will repair it !
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    i'm sorry. second part in this page is correct. thank you very much. i love the film

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