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This adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest is a visual delight from Greenaway, with fascinating images galore. There are a lot of nude bodies on show in this film - some swimming underwater, some prancing around liberally. Sir John Gielgud is the prominent figure and voice of the film as Prospero - describing the events on an island where he is stranded with his daughter, Miranda. Michael Clark, in particular, is good as Caliban. The story isn't going to entrap many viewers, but the look of it all really needs to be seen. Greenaway opens image after image in the centre of each frame, and large books are opened. The front of a woman's body is removed to reveal all her internal organs. It really deserves to be seen just to look at it all. This picture is very appealing to the eye.

imdb rating: 6.5

Password: oldscot


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