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The post-apocalyptic world of Time of the Wolf is never explained, but becomes all the more hypnotic for it. A mother (Isabelle Huppert, I Heart Huckabees, 8 Femmes) struggles to keep her teenage daughter and young son alive after a social collapse of unknown causes. The family, accompanied by a semi-feral teenage boy, finds a train station where other survivors have collected in an uneasy alliance. Time of the Wolf doesn't have much of a story, but its depiction of human behavior at the breaking point is stark and convincing. The always compelling Huppert and director Michael Haneke previously worked together on The Piano Teacher; Time of the Wolf lacks that movie's psychological focus, but it creates a dark world through simple but evocative means.

imdb user rating: 6.4
awards: 1 win & 1 nomination
password: oldscot


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