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Three episodes all set in Room 603 of a New York City hotel involving different guests, but with the same hotel staff spaning several years. In "Tricks" set in 1969 Moe Boca brings prositute Darlene to his room where their tryst is intrupted by the arrival of Moe's friend Louis where mind games ensue. In "Getting Rid of Robby" set in 1993, Sasha plots to kill her lover Robert in the most unsusual of ways within the room. In "Blackout" set in 1936, Danny brings to the room some Chinese take-out food for his wife Diane where a sudden city-wide blackout makes them reminise of their only child who drowned years before.

imdb rating: 7.2

David Lynch's Hotel Room.DVDrip
re-uploaded download links: (150+150+150+150+80 mb)

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