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Dune (1984) - David Lynch

It is a distant galaxy in the far future. The year is 10191. Arrakis is a desert planet, Arrakis is the only source of 'Melange' a vital drug used by the Guild Navigators for space travel from star system to star system. Two rival families, The Atreides and The Harkonnens, fight for control of the mining operations of Melange on Arrakis. When his father Duke Leto Atreides is assassinated by the evil Baron Harkonnen. Duke Leto's son Paul and Paul's mother Lady Jessica flee deep into the desert and are befriend by the Fremen, natives of Arrakis. Due to the influence of the 'Melange' Paul learns he has special powers and he can see into the future. Paul unites the Freman and forms a army of warriors and leads them into battle against Baron Harkonnen and the corrupt Emperor Padishah Shaddam IV who is in league with the Harkonnen's and vows to avenge his father and sets out to liberate Arrakis and it's people from the Emperor's rule and fulfill his destiny. Written by Daniel Williamson

imdb rating: 6.5

part01 part02 part03 part04 part05 part06 part07 part08 part09 part10 part11 part12 part13 part15 part17 part18 part19 part20 part21 part22 part23 part26 part27 part28 part29 part30 part31 part32 part33 part34 part35 part36 part37 part38 part39.rar part40 part41 part42 part43 part44 part45 part46



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