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And now the redemption. There must be a God who felt badly about my missed opportunity the first time around. "Decalogue Part 3" sneaked into the local art theater today and I dropped everything to go watch it. Knowing the essence of Kieslowski and being his fan certainly helps in viewing this work. While I'm not a fan of all of his works ("Blue" and "White" left me wanting something more and this is where "Red" did its part), when the man was on his game, he simply had no comparable peer in his field. "Decalogue Part 3" lasts about 1 hour but it conveyed to me a lifetime of sorrow, pain, missed opportunity, forgiveness, regret... The Polish scenery also perfectly captured this mood as well. I may just have to visit Poland one of these days to just take it all in. Also, I guess the film conveys man's need for religion and that probably is the basis for the whole Decalogue series, each one focussing on God's particular commandment. Wow! As big a reaction I had for "Red" only this time it was in a movie theater and not in my small apartment room. The scenes with the protagonists and the shaver was particularly heartbreaking, the one with the Christmas carol singers gave me a warm feeling. This movie replaced the documentary "Streetwise" as my favorite film of the 1980's. If you ever get a chance to see this, especially in the big screen, don't even hesitate. You may regret it for the rest of your life.

imdb rating: 9.2
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