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City Lights is a 1931 English language film written by, directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin also composed the musical score which comprised the majority of the film's sound, since there is no dialogue in the picture.
The Circus, released in 1928, was Chaplin's last film to debut before motion pictures with sound (known as "talkies" at the time) took over. Since The Circus, sound pictures quickly took over as the industry standard. It was not uncommon for silent actors to oppose the arrival of talking pictures. Had Chaplin been anybody else, he probably would not have been able to shoot City Lights as a silent film, but because of his power in Hollywood, and because he had complete artistic and financial control over his work, he was able to make this film silent (except for music, sound effects, and some unintelligible sounds that mock speech). Dialogue is presented with title cards. Wikipedia


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